The Samsung Memory Hub experience is founded on the principle of “Creative Care”, which transforms the traditional roles families-as-caregivers have through tools and guidance for purposeful, enriched, and engaging connection with loved ones.
This project not only came to life through multiple rounds of design iteration but also took on life through prototypes intended to be best used in their respective native device. 
If you'd like access to the web-based prototype please reach out.
The narrative is broken out into five key moments:
Moment 1: Memory Transfer
While exploring a box of old family photos, Jen discovers many from an early 1960s family road trip out west, when her mom, Lucy, was a kid. She’s struck by a photo of her mom and Uncle Tom posing in front of a huge Sequoia, and a few physical mementos from the trip. She decides to capture the images in Memory Hub to share with her mother later.
Moment 2: Reminiscence
As Jen is adding photos, her mother comes into their living room and sits down. They begin to talk about the trip. Using conversation prompts, Lucy is able to recount specific memories from the journey.
Moment 3: Memory Co-Creation
A few hours later, Jen’s brother Kevin sees a notification that he’s been tagged in a Memory Hub photo, so he starts to add content to the memory from afar. Seeing this, Jen invites Kevin to a video call, so they co-create the memory collection together.
Moment 4: At home alone
It’s the morning of Mother’s Day. Jen went out early to run errands in preparation for the Mother’s Day gathering at the house later that afternoon. Lucy is home alone. She wakes up and enters the living room.
Moment 5: the family gathering
It’s 3:00 p.m., and the Mother’s Day celebration is underway. Kevin calls in, and the family gathers around the TV to review the final memory collection. The family has also curated a collection of gifts to share with Lucy, with some special messages attached.

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